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No Restraint on Hillsborough County Restraining Orders

Hillsborough County Restraining Orders

Stephen Baskerville's "No Restraint on Restraining Orders" was absolutely right. Hillsborough County Family courts grant restraining orders like candy to anyone who claims domestic violence, no matter how dubious the claim. Hillsborough County Restraining orders are granted even though the complainant had documented mental problems or the accused was confined to a wheelchair. I have seen many such abuses of Hillsborough County Restraining Orders.

Hillsborough County Restraining order hearings are a mockery of due process. Most judges grant close to 100% of all requests for restraining orders. Hillsborough County Judges who do not are targeted for removal from the bench by the National Organization for Women.
Restraining orders are almost useless to the lower-class Hillsborough County women who most often suffer domestic violence. Their abusive boyfriends have little to lose from going to jail. Someone who is not afraid of a Hillsborough County criminal conviction for violence will not be afraid of a restraining order, either.

But Hillsborough County restraining orders are very useful as a tool in divorce litigation. Often, they are used by liberal, middle-class women to order their husbands out of the house and away from the children to ensure that the Hillsborough County divorce court will give the wife custody of the kids and possession of the house. These middle-class husbands are typically harmless. Indeed, among the college-educated, Hillsborough County men are even less likely to initiate domestic violence than women, as a recent study by Murray Strauss of the University of New Hampshire shows.

The myth underlying the flood of Hillsborough County restraining orders is that society permits men as a class to oppress women as a class. But according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, husbands receive prison sentences that are three times longer than wives receive for unprovoked killings of their spouses. Where is the evidence of oppression in Hillsborough County?

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