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hillsborough county victims advocate

hillsborough county victims advocate
I see the hillsborough county victims advocate as a waste of taxpayer dollars.
In my court case, my ex girlfriend wanted to drop the charges, and was also living with me.
She told me she was "scared to death" of the hillsborough county victims advocate.
She told me the hillsborough county victims advocate told her she could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, and possible Perjury if she did not proceed with the prosecution!
Perhaps she was even "coached" to say this by the hillsborough county victims advocate, so I would be upset with the hillsborough county victims advocate, and not her ?

When my ex girlfriend was staying at my home during a restraining order, she often talked to the hillsborough county victims advocate on the phone when I was present.
I clearly heard the hillsborough county victims advocate tell her to get any and all things belonging to her out of my home.
The hillsborough county victims advocate said "You are weakening our case" to my ex girlfriend.
In my case, the hillsborough county victims advocate "did her job".
In my opinion, the "Job" of the hillsborough county victims advocate is to secure a conviction for the hillsborough county states attorney, at any cost!

The hillsborough county victims advocate assigned to my case was well aware my ex girlfriend and I were still seeing each other!
IMHO, this alone should have cast serious doubt about her allegations of "being scared of me".

It is also my opinion that both  the hillsborough county victims advocate, and the states attorney, being sworn officers of the court, had a duty to inform the original judge who issued the restraining order that my ex girlfriend was having daily contact with me!

My ex girlfriend admits in this HCSO Police report I found her the new apartment she just moved into!
IS this a "woman in fear", or a woman simply using the criminal justice to get her own way?

Did the hillsborough county victims advocate do this ?
Not on your life, she did what she was paid to do, secure a criminal conviction for the states attorney, w/o regard to doing what was right.
This is my recent experience with one hillsborough county victims advocate.


  1. someone is lying. Obviously. Margaret Laing plays either side of the fence she is TOLD TO or wherever her fellow gangsters fall into the picture.
    She's not right in the head. Should have known others were having the same experience. I have NO idea why you are defending mark ober and david gee. They are most definitely part of the problem and have only SELECTIVELY served Hillsborough County.

  2. I am "defending" sheriff gee, and mark ober, probably because we all attended brandon high school, LOL
    Just kidding, and I dont know either of them.
    We must have laws, or we will have total anarchy.
    I think they both do a good job at their work, and I have absolutely nothing against either one of them.
    I do not see THEM as the problem, I see the horrible, one way restraining order laws as the problem.
    The HCSO officers who arrested me on some occasions were almost apologetic.
    They were well aware my ex girlfreind was using them to "get back at me", but their hands were tied by the restraining order laws!
    IOW, it is OK for her to screw my brains out, stay at my house, borrow almost 5000.00 from me, have me find her her new apartment, and move her in it.
    But whenever she feels like it, she calls the cops, and has me arrested.
    The HCSO have to enforce the law.
    NOW, perhaps under their "zero tolerance" mandate, they had to prosecute me ?
    Well, I HOPE that is the case, because my attorney will be presenting several open and shut cases of perjury to the hillsborough count states attorneys office, real soon !!!
    My ex girlfriend lied through her teeth, with Margaret Laing of hilsborough county victims assistance at her side!
    And, I can easily prove it!
    I say to give the hillsborough county states attorneys office a chance to see the perjury evidence, and SEE what they do ?
    This Blog is climbing the Google search results, fast!
    There are many people "watching" this case, very closely.
    I know this may sound weird, after what was done to me, but I still have faith in the hillsborough county states attorneys office, regardless of my blog, or friends at the brandon chamber.
    I think the HCSO, Margaret Laing, our court system, and the hillsborough county states attorneys office were all deceived and manipulated by my ex girlfriend.
    And, I think when I get MY chance to sit down with a representative of the hillsborough county states attorneys office, and present my TONS of evidence, court transcripts, witnesses, etc, etc, there are going to be some mighty suprised people!
    Until the hillsborough county states attorneys office proves me wrong by declining to prosecute the many crimes my ex girlfriend has committed against me, I will still have faith in them.
    But thank you for your comments!
    Chris Tucker