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Hillsborough County States Attorney

Hillsborough County States Attorney

When Mark Ober was elected Hillsborough County States Attorney I was pleased.
Being a "Brandon Boy" myself, I was happy that a  Brandon High School Graduate was going to be the Hillsborough County States Attorney!
I attended Brandon High in 1972, last year of the old school.
Mark Ober I am told is a Republican.
I am politically an even more Conservative Libertarian, but at least he is not a Liberal Democrat, LOL !!!
I also support Pam Bondi, who is running for election to be Florida Attorney General

Read this Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Pam Bondi Blog Post ?

Here I am with broom in hand with some volunteer members of my Singles Group

I won the Brandon Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award in 2002

I am also president and founder of the 1500 member Brandon Singles Group, and I do a lot of volunteer charity roof cleaning as well as charity exterior cleaning work in my community.

Many of my friends at the Chamber are Republicans, and were also happy Mark Ober won the election for Hillsborough County States Attorney.
Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee is also a fellow "Brandon Boy".
Many of us at the Brandon Chamber felt good we had two fellow "Brandon Boys" in office!
People here in Eastern Hillsborough County Florida have always felt we "got the short end of the stick" when it came to Policing and Enforcing Laws
I believe that Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee, and Hillsborough County States Attorney Mark Ober have, for the most part, done a great job for the Hillsborough County Florida Taxpayers.
And, I hope Mark Ober is re elected as Hillsborough County States Attorney.
And I hope David Gee is also re elected as Hillsborough County Sheriff.

I do feel I was maliciously and unfairly prosecuted by the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office.
And grossly overcharged by the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office.
Unfortunately, Hillsborough County States Attorney Mark Ober can not look into every single case.

I will present MY side of my case on this Blog.
It will be taggged under "Chris's Story" and let the people of Hillsborough County, Florida decide for themselves if the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office engaged in a willful and malicious prosecution of me?
With no disrespect meant or intended to Mark Ober, or the entire Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office as a whole, I feel I was railroaded by the Assistant Hillsborough County States Attorney Valeria Pretto, and what I feel was her partner in crime Margaret Laing, of the Hillsborough County Victims Asistance Advocates Office.
In all fairness to the Victims Assistance Office of this county, please watch this video ?

Perhaps Margaret Laing was misled by my ex girlfriend, along with the HCSO, and Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto ?
My Lawyer will soon be presenting evidence of several counts of Perjury she committed under Oath.
No telling what other Lies, and/or omissions of facts she may possibly have told them about our past relationship ?
I also feel Hillsborough County Judge Manuel Lopez showed extreme hostility and bias against me, and maybe should have recused himself for predujicial statements he blurted out during the court proceedings.
I was also considering filing a judicial ethics complaint aginst Hillsborough County Judge Manuel Lopez, as well as a  complaint against Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto.
Instead, I have decided to confront them with evidence of my ex girlfriends perjury, and SEE what they do ?

I don't know, but I will find out, what agency to file a complaint with against Hillsborough County Victims Assistance Advocate Margaret Laing.
I will SHOW, by certified court recorded transcripts, that what I say is true!
Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto KNEW, and she admitted in court, that my ex girlfriend was in constant contact by living/working  or and  with me during a restraining order!

WHY Judge Lopez did not take this established fact into consideration is a good question ?
As an officer of the court, it is my opinion Assistant Hillsborough County States Attorney Valeria Pretto should have went to the judge who originally issued the restraining order to "protect" my ex girlfriend.
HOW can someone claim to be "in fear" when she was in constant contact with me for almost the entire restraining order ?
Take a look at this HCSO police report ?
My ex girlfriend admits to allowing me to contact her, looked at my new car, even used me to move her into her new apartment, and pay for the movers, before she used the restraining order to "get rid of me" !
She states on the Police Report she woke up, and found several phone calls from me on her cell phone.
If she was "so scared", why did she not report the phone calls right then and there, and why was I calling her, if indeed there was not a wanted by her relationship going on, despite the restraining order ?

Instead, it is my belief and opinion that Hillsborough County Assistant State Attorney Valeria Pretto persued her conviction, with total disregard to justice being served, and doing what was right.

Taxpayers of Hillsborough County, Florida, you judge for yourself ??

I must say that I have the highest amount of respect for Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto, as an Lawyer
She represented the States position in an effective and professional, if not morally correct manner.

It is going to be "interesting" to see what Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto will do when she is confronted with evidence my ex girlfriend perjured herself in court ?

Let's SEE if the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office practices the "Zero Tolerance" they Preach by prosecuting this willful and blatant Perjury ?

With all due respect, dont preach a Sermon to the Taxpayers of Hillsborough County about "Zero Tolerance", SHOW us a Sermon by prosecuting these blatant and multiple counts of Felony Perjury ??

My ex girlfriend was asked point blank at a bond hearing by my attorney Ellis Faught "did you receive any check from Chris" ??
She answered "No", despite the fact she wrote out, and cashed the check, and received the money!
I have the court transcripts, and the cancelled/cashed check, with her fingerprint on it!

I want Perjury charges brought against her, as well as filing false police reports to obtain the fradulent restraining order from Judge Vogel in the first place.
It is my position that my ex girlfriend did not tell the truth in court, and I believe I can prove it.
Here MORE  Proof she committed Felony Perjury during my recent Bond Hearing.
She was asked by My attorney Ellis Faught "Do you cut you forearms or wrists with a Razor Blade" ?
She answered "I do not do that".
Well guess what, she certainly does, and here is a previous court case where she admitted it!

Notice how she TRIES to Lie here too, but Judge Raul Palomino and I would have no part of it!
Hillsborough County Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto, your little "Pseudo Victim" lied through her teeth, to KEEP me in Jail!
What are you going to do Valeria, ignore this evidence to "save" your conviction ?
I TRIED to talk to you after court ended Valeria, when I was handcuffed and shackled,  after my attorney left the courtrooom, and WHAT did you do ?
You called the Bailiff, instead of Listening to me, that is what you did !
Perhaps you should have Miranded me, and LISTENED ????

I have "moved on" as far as my ex girlfriend goes.
I have met someone else, and have no idea what my ex girlfriend is, or is not doing.

I wish her well in her pursuit of happiness, after she gets out of Jail for multiple counts of Felony Perjury, filing false police reports, and grand larceny by conversion.
I HOPE if this case comes to the point that she is questioned by the agencys responsible for regulating public officials, she will "come clean" and tell the TRUTH.
She told myself, and countless others who will testify, that both the Hillsborough County Assisatant States Attorney Valeria Pretto and Margaret Laing told her she would be charged with Contempt and or Obstruction Of Justice if she attempted to drop the charges, or help me in any way!

JUST  my ex  implying  she did not want me prosecuted, combined with evidence my attorney TRIED to present in court that she was privvy to, should have told her that the restraining order was granted under questionable circumstances.
In fact, Judge Manuel Lopez even blurted out in Court "This Woman is Mentally Ill" !!
My ex girlfriend chose to LIE in court about me "forcing her" to  file two motions to drop the restraining order because she was in fear the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office would Prosecute HER.
She even lied in court about almost 5.000.00 I loaned  her DURING the restraining order.
A stupid thing to do when I have the cancelled check she cashed, that she made out in her own Handwriting.
I guess she "was scared" then too ? LOL
Judge Lopez again showed bias against me when he asked what the loan of 5.000.00 during a restraining order had to do with me being released on Bond.
Duh, get real Your Honor.
YOU were a criminal defense attorney before Jeb Bush appointed you to be a Judge.
We were ATTEMPTING to question HOW my ex girlfriend could be in "fear" of me, yet come and stay at  my house to borrow 5.000.00, DUH ???
This is MY experience with Valeria Pretto of the  Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office.
It is not meant as a condemnation of the entire Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office as a whole.
Crime is way down in Hillsborough County, Florida.
And IF I could vote, I would vote for Hillsborough County States Attorney Mark Ober without hesitation.
And for Sheriff David Gee.
Not because they are fellow Brandon Boys, but because I believe they have served the citizens of Hillsborough County Florida very well!
I intend to make Hillsborough County States Attorney Mark Ober aware of what was done in my case by his Assistant Hillsborough County States Attorney Valeria Pretto, and Margaret Laing.
Though I have never met Hillsborough County States Attorney Mark Ober, I have heard from my friends at the Brandon Chamber Of Commerece he is a VERY fair, and ethical man.
It would really be nice to go see him, and present the FACTS in my case about the get the conviction at any cost conduct of Valeria Pretto, his Assistant Hillsborough County States Attorney.

I have contacted several reporters from the Tampa Bay area news media with my story.
I am Ham Radio Operator KA7NIQ, so I know several fellow Hams who work for TV and Radio Stations who will help a fellow Ham out, if they are shown  he was treated unfairly by public officials.
I think that Mark Ober, the Hillsborough County Florida States Attorney elected by the people, should be made aware of all the things going on in the Hillsborough County States Attorney Office ?
I  do plan to give Valeria Pretto the opportunity to examine the court transcripts and cashed/cancelled check with my ex girlfriends fingerprint on it, to see the blatant Perjury she committed.
She will see the certified court transcripts from this motion for a permanent restraining order case that was dismissed for lack of evidence!

In THIS case, Judge Raul Palimino Jr allowed me the chance to prove to the court she cuts her arm up with razor blades when under emotional stress.
She tried to Lie then too, but the Judge made her show the court the razor blade scars on her arms!

Something she LIED about in court at my recent bond hearing, when questioned by Ellis Faught Jr, my criminal defense attorney.
As a defendant in a "he said, she said" violation of a restraining order case, I have the right to question any and all witnesses against me Valeria Pretto, though you objected to this line of questioning.

Lets SEE what Ms. Valeria Pretto of the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office does when she is presented with proof of Perjury ??
I think I will also send the evidence of the blatant Perjury to Judge Manuel Lopez.
I simply could not believe his remarks when Ellis Faught, my criminal defense attorney, was attempting to Show my ex girlfriend was NOT really "in fear" of me.
Judge Manuel Lopez blurted out "What does that (borrowing 5,000.00 from me during a restraining order she had against me)  have to do with anything  ??
Judge Lopez, with all due respect, people that are TRULY "in fear" of people stay FAR away from them! They do not make bank deposits, call them 84 times, work and live with them, go to concerts with them, and borrow money with checks they make out themselves !!
I HAD way more evidence to present that my ex girlfriend was NOT "in fear" of me at alll!
In fact, I TOOK her to Kinney, Fernandez, and Boire, During the restraining order to start legal proceedings in an accident she was involved in!
I intended to call Manny Fernandez as a witness we were together at his office during the restraining order, when this went to trial.
My ex girlfriend was badly burned as a child.
I took it upon myself to find a permanent make up teacher to give her the latest state of the art permanent makeup eyebrows and eyeliner, out of Love, for FREE.
All the above during the restraining order.
I had several witnesses ready to testify, but Judge Manuel Lopez had his mind made up, and denied me Bond.
Stay tuned all readers of Restaraining Order Blog, and I will update what happens when I present Perjury Evidence to Assistant States Attorney Valeria Pretto, and Judge Manuel Lopez.
Let's give the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office the chance to make it right ?
(Update 12-11-09 - I just returned from my Lawyers Office. He is preparing the Perjury evidence to present to the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office.
I need to obtain the Hillsborough County Circuit Court Transcripts of me and my ex girlfriends Restraining Order Hearing before Judge Raul Palomino.
Hillsborough County Judge Raul Palimino denied my ex girlfriends previous attempt to obtain a permanent restraining order against me. Judge Palimino was very fair, and allowed me the chance to question my ex girlfriend extensively in court, as well as prove to the courts satisfaction she cuts her self up with razor blades. I asked her to show the razor blade scars in Court, and Judge Palimino made her do it.
That case was then dismissed.
At my recent bond hearing in front of Judge Lopez, my attorney asked my ex girlfriend under oath if she cuts her arms with razor blades, and she answered "I do not do that".
The Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office Valeria Pretto objected to this question.
It is my opinion that Valeria Pretto of the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office cared only about her conviction.
I intend to prove by the previous court transcripts that the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office witness, my ex girlfriend, Perjured herself, again.
This is two clear cut instances of willful and blatant Perjury that kept me in Jail, forcing me to plead guilty to avoid financial ruin!

Let's SEE if the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office practices the "Zero Tolerance" they Preach by prosecuting this willful and blatant Perjury ?
With all due respect, dont preach a Sermon to the Taxpayers of Hillsborough County about "Zero Tolerance", SHOW us a Sermon by prosecuting these blatant and multiple counts of Felony Perjury ??

Here is an excerpt in quotes below from a Hillsborough County Florida News Article Quoting  Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober

""""In January, 2003, Holton became the 24th person released from Florida's death row when the Florida Supreme Court threw out his conviction. Hillsborough County Florida Prosecutors could not retry Holton because two witnesses had recanted, new DNA tests had helped clear him, and evidence withheld by police had surfaced. Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober says the law doesn't require him to prove when the two men lied.

Did they lie in 1986, when their testimony put Holton on death row? Or in 2001, when their recantations helped set free him? It doesn't matter, he said.

"They swore to tell the truth, and they violated that oath, and a horrible tragedy occurred as a result of that oath," Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober said. "Either an innocent man has spent the past 16 years on death row for a crime he did not commit, or a guilty man was set free, and that is inexcusable.""""

Well, I was kept in Jail w/o bond, and forced to plead guilty to avoid total financial ruin by an ex girlfriend who Perjured herself at least twice under Oath!
Lets see what the Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office is going to do about that ?

As soon as I have the second set of court transcripts, and evidence proving this blatant and malicious Perjury all together, they will be presented by my Lawyer to the Hillsborough County States Attorneys Office.)
Taxpayers, and concerned citizens of this County, stay tuned to this blog for updates on what the Hillsborough County State Attorneys Office does about this Perjury.

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