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Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy and wife arrested for domestic violence

Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy and his wife arrested for domestic violence in Polk County

 MULBERRY, FL -- The Polk County Sheriff's Office has arrested a Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy and his wife for domestic violence.

Polk County Sheriffs Deputies responded to the Mulberry residence of Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy, Craig D. Henson, and his wife, Joycelyn Henson on Tuesday morning after receiving a call about an alleged domestic violence incident.

The investigation showed that an altercation between Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Henson and her ensued after Joycelyn Henson attempted to answer her husband's ringing cell phone. The caller hung up when she answered. Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Henson told deputies that his wife became angry over the incident and threw something at him striking him in the face.

Joycelyn Henson said the object was a child's rubber ball. The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy and her have been married for 13 years.
They have three children together.

Joycelyn Henson told deputies that she was frustrated and the ball accidently hit her husband when she threw several items down while looking for her keys to leave.

Joycelyn Henson also told Polk County Sheriff's Deputies that Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Henson kicked her in the stomach. Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Henson admitted that he "kicked at" his wife, for hitting him with the object, but wasn't sure if he hit her or not.

Both have been charged with Battery, Domestic Violence and are currently in the Polk County Jail. Both the wife and Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Henson were expected to have a first appearance Wednesday in Polk County Court.

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