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Hillsborough County Sheriffs Arrest Tampa News Anchor

I found this article about the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Arrest of a Tampa News Anchor.
I watch the Man who was arrested on the Tampa Television News, Ch 13.
I am a big Fan of Russell Rhodes, probably because he is a "character", much like myself ?

I just wanted to be clear that my experiences with the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office during my many arrests for "violating restraining orders" were w/o any major incidents.
Only one Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy was rude to me, and told me "Shut Up, you Stalker".

I found the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputys to be quite pleasant, and very professional.
Some were almost apologetic during my restraining order arrests.

The Hillsborough County Sheriffs see restraining orders abused by women all the time.
Unfortunately, their hands are tied by the current one way Law.

Looks to me like Russell Rhodes had a bit too much to drink, and fell and hurt himself ?

Hey, stuff happens, and he is back to work.

Alcoholics must sometimes "hit a bottom", and I am NOT saying Russell is an Alcoholic either.
Only he knows that.
But if he is, perhaps this was the bottom he needed to hit, to recover from Alcoholism ?

The Hillsborough County Sheriffs did launch an Internal Affairs Investigation into this arrest.

I think that says a lot about the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office!

Internal Affairs investigating Hillsborough County Sheriffs arrest of Fox 13 anchor (Hillsborough Sheriff)

Original Article at

TAMPA — The arrest of Fox 13 news anchor Russell Rhodes, who has a black eye and bloodied face in his mugshot, is under review by Internal Affairs, officials from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said today.

"Any time there's a high-profile incident or any incident that the sheriff wishes to have reviewed," an internal review is initiated, said J.D. Callaway, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office. "We'll look at all the available evidence and make sure the deputies acted properly."

Rhodes, a morning news anchor for Fox 13's Good Day Tampa Bay, was arrested Friday night, allegedly after resisting arrest.

Around 10:15 p.m., an off-duty sheriff's deputy working security at Channelside spotted a 2006 BMW 325i weaving erratically in the public parking garage, Callaway said.

The deputy stopped the BMW and the driver, Rhodes, got out, reportedly with his belt undone and his pants unbuttoned, though they were still up. Rhodes appeared to be intoxicated, Callaway said.

According to the deputy, Rhodes tried to walk away from him twice after being ordered to stay put and surrender his car keys. Rhodes didn't identify himself or try to use his name to get out of the situation, Callaway said. When Rhodes tried to run out of the garage, the deputy grabbed him, Callaway said.

He had his car key in his right hand, and when deputies tried to take it, he began waving his hands to keep them from taking it, an arrest affidavit states.

"He began to flail his arms," Callaway said. That's when he was "taken to the ground." Callaway said injuries to Rhodes' face happened when he hit the ground.

He then said he was sorry and that he had panicked because he works for Fox 13, the report states.

Rhodes was taken to Tampa General Hospital for cuts and bruises to his face and then was booked into the Orient Road Jail, Callaway said. He was charged with obstructing an officer without violence and was released Saturday morning on $500 bail.

Blood samples were taken to see if he was intoxicated. The results should be back next week, Callaway said. Depending on the outcome, he could face an additional charge of driving under the influence.

Rhodes is from Paris, Texas, and has been with Tampa Bay's Fox station since 1994, according to his biography on the Fox Web site. He originally wanted to be an actor or singer, but went into broadcast journalism.

He went to the University of Oklahoma and worked at stations in Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota and then Tampa Bay.

"I used to say I had the best job in the news business," he said on the Web site, referring to his promotion from Good Day feature reporter to co-anchor. "This new one may be better."

Fox 13 offered a brief comment when contacted about the arrest.

"He will not be on the air Monday," said Jessica Moss, spokeswoman for Fox 13. For all other questions, she referred to a story on the station's Web site that briefly recounts the incident and says "FOX 13 management is aware of the matter and is reviewing it."

Erin Sullivan and Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writers

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