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aggravated stalking tampa florida

aggravated stalking tampa florida

The  laws on aggravated stalking in tampa florida allow the Hillsborough County States Attorney to upgrade 3 or more misdemeanor violation of a restraining order charges to felony aggravated stalking.
The criminal charge of aggravated stalking in tampa florida is a 3rd degree felony.
Be Warned that a felony aggravated stalking tampa florida charge is serious business!
Because the charge of aggravated stalking in tampa florida happened with a restraining order in place, it is a level 7 Felony that can land you in Prison for 22 to 36 months!
And, once you are even charged and arrested for felony aggravated stalking in tampa florida, your arrest record will be on the HCSO Website for all to see.
When you meet someone new, she will most likely check you out on the computer.
When she sees the  aggravated stalking tampa florida felony charge made against you,  it will be all over. Even if the charge of felony aggravated stalking in tampa florida is dropped, it will still show up on your arrest record for 15 years!
If you have a restraining order against you , learn from MY mistakes!
Do not, repeat do not under any circumstances violate a restraining order in Tampa Florida, for any reason!
Women In Tampa are coached by the Men Haters and other co dependants to trick you into violating a restraining order.
No matter HOW she begs and pleads for you to see or contact her with a restraining order in place, do not do it.
This is what my ex girlfriend did to me, and I wound up in the Hillsborough County Jail on Orient Rd in Tampa
All it takes is a few phone calls with a restraining order in place against you to get a charge of aggravated stalking in tampa florida.

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