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When She Lies In Court - Prosecute Her !

The U.S. legal system depends upon honesty to work properly. Unfortunately, there are scumbags who lie and don't get caught. The trick to prosecuting perjury is having proof the individual lied. Anything in writing, witness testimony, even audio or video recordings could trip up the offending person.

My Ex Girlfriend was asked at a Bail Hearing by my Attorney if she ever received a 5,000.00 Check as a Loan or Gift from me ?
She answered NO twice in Court, while under oath to tell the truth !
She had me arrested for violating a restraining order, even though she was staying with/dating me during the restraining order.
Once I was arrested, and taken to jail, and given a 200.000.00 Bond, I tried to get out to save my business and my home.
My Ex Girlfriend shows up in Court at the Bond Reduction Hearing, claiming she was "scared of me" ?
When I tried to show that I had recently moved her into a new apartment, and loaned her Money, she lied to keep me in Jail.
Fortunately, I have the cancelled check, with her fingerprint on it !!
She wrote the 5,000.00 check out in her OWN Handwriting.
As of Oct 17th, 2009, I have not yet received the court transcripts yet.
But when I do get them, I intend to go to the Judge, States Attorney, or even the local News Media to see that Justice is done.
If you want to follow my case, it is filed in this Blog under "Chris's Story"
Stay Tuned ?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to catching someone is the legal process itself. I believe you'd need to file an Order to Show Cause (OSC) in the case to have the opportunity to have the judge hear your proof. You may need to file other documents as well. The upside would be the restraining order could be revoked and the liar could be held in contempt of court. This could conceivably result in a hefty fine, jail time or both. The cost of hiring a lawyer to do this would likely be substantial. If you have the fortitude to go it alone, it wouldn't be impossible. Extreme caution is advised here. I would attend other hearings to get the lay of the land. is a fantastic site to purchase legal books, so you don't goof...

I do not have any data to prove whether males or females lie most of the time to obtain restraining orders.

I recommend you perform more research on your own. This should enable you to make a reasonable decision whether to take a chance or not. Morally, well, you should know better...


  1. I am going through the same thing for the third time.. I know she lied but sucked it up both times... this third time she lied and lied about the only time I put my hands on her was I grabbed her by her wrist,, to stop her from hitting me. She said she had torn tendons and a fractured bone in the other wrist.. My lawyer just did a deposition and she stated that..I knew a few yrs back that it was a lie because I seen the Medical Records and now we got them along with every police incident. She has carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. She does this to hold my son from me when she gets mad.... And HEY,,, it works... I have never other than grab her wrist touched her.. Now she done some horrible things to me. But she lied under oath 2 times about this. And she works for the police department. been 5 1/2 yrs since. this last protective order was because I said Fuck you to her at a ball game, my son was on the mound pitching. I was about 5' away and said it in a low voice. And when my son was back in the dug out I told him Daddy is sorry that I cursed your mom and will never happened again.. Well they gave her a protective order for 2 yrs.. Can you fucking believe that?? 2 yrs. its been 1 yr,,, went to court and they didnt drop it 4 months ago.. Well thats why we had the deposition,,,, to show that I have never abused her one bit and I truly think she will get charged and fired from work. I also hope and pray I get sole custody but I still would not keep my son from her.....That FU cost e a lot... she said that was detrimental for the child to hear his father scream at his mom. the following weekend she cursed me out with my son right next to me,,, she didnt say anything about that,, well during the deposition she did... But i didnt take the stand nor did she during the protective order over me yelling FU because my lawyer said there is no way they would grant that... than BAM... 2 yrs.. man its been tough. I read the bible and love the story of Job.. that how I keep my sanity.. But going to court in 8 days........ hope she get a little jail time and I will probably sue her because I lost a awesome job because of the 1st one.....

  2. Working FOR the Police did not hurt her "case". You must prove Perjury. The problem with Restraining Orders is they start out in Civil Court, where the standard for evidence is much lower, and he said, she said testimony is allowed. Then, if you violate the injunction, you are in Criminal Court.

  3. My daughter took a TRO out on me and I have not seen or talked to her in 4 and a half months. I have not tried to contact her in 8 months. The last time I seen her was Christmas and she came where I was. She claims that I have stalked her and her family, called her and her family and called her job. I have my phone records to prove that I have not called her or any of her family or her job. I have wittnesses to testify that I have not seen or stalked her, and there are no police reports. She filed the TRO out of anger for something that her ex done that I had nothing to do with.

    1. Hey, I just got one from my son because I was trying to stop him from beating his wife and hurting their baby. In the end he put that I beat him and his family. Strange since I was not even around. How we love kids these days.

  4. I met my no husband in 2006. He broke up with his long time girlfriend a year before I met him. We met, dated and fell in love. by 2007 his ex was harassing him and I. She had always kept him from their child they have together and she is bi-polar on top of all of that. In 2008 my hubby and I were engaged to be married.... she threatening to kick my ass on Thanksgiving while picking up my step daughter for Holiday Visitation, called my Fiance's family and told them they needed to watch her child because I threatened to kill her and the GF. Then, on Christmas morning 2008 she called 911 and told the operator she had called my house to wish me a Merry Christmas, and I told her I was going to kill my Boyfriend....Police showed up, discovered us happily asleep. I went to the Police Station a few days later and my fiance and I heard the was his ex GF. She was arrested and put in jail, lost her job on probation till next 2013 and has a stay away order to stay away from me. before she got arrested ( about 1 month process) she emailed I emailed her back. Then she took innocent emails, and made up a story in a letter saying I harassed and threatened to kill her. She got a restraining order for 3 damn years. I didn't do anything to her. Now, 3 years later....she is attempting to renew the RO and lied about serving me...but I found out the court date. I hired a lawyer...and my husband and I are now going to do what we should have done LOOONNNNG ago. Fight for justice. Why you ask? WHy does she do this? Fuck if I know.

  5. Chris, pls could you write on how to pursue a case of perjury against someone who has lied to obtain a restraining order against you in ohio court.

  6. I am not a lawyer, nor am I familiar with Ohio Law.
    But start with the local police, and then go to the local state attorneys office with your perjury case.
    If that does not work, you will need to find a criminal attorney in your part of Ohio to help you.

  7. I am involved with my 3rd restraining order with my wife of 7 years. The first time I did all the Necessary training waited without seeing my wife or 2 year old daughter for 8 months. Finally I was visiting my dad at the hospital and she showed. She called me the next day and wanted me back. Like a fool I went back. The next time 2 years later, She through a coffee mug at me and stormed out the back door. I locked the door behind her for 5 minutes but then unlocked it before she even knew she was locked out. 2 weeks later she went to visit her mom and I received a protection order. She totally lied about what happened stating I physically locked her out and blocked her from coming in. Of course my DV counselor said I wasn't done yet after he personally gave a cert. of completion and wrote a scathing letter on behalf of my wife. I didn't stand a chance it cost me $8,000 and three months 2 get supervised visitation and when the time came she didn't even honor the agreement. when I finally did see my daughter for my weekend my wife dropped her off and disappeared for 10 days. I had my chance there to file abandonment but thought better of it for the sake of my daughter. Fellows I know how hard it is my wife has hit me, choked me threw things and many other aggressive things. When I tell her that freaked me out she would just sneer. You have to report anything that happens to the police no matter what. You have to protect your children and the number one thing is do not accept the DV rap do not volunteer for DV classes they are just the man so your ex will get what ever she wants. Tired now will write more later...One last thing before I go the best thing you can do is take care of yourself. Go to the gym chase your dreams especially now that you have extra time without your children and remember in the end our children will know the truth and who we are by our
    actions and deeds. Our ex's can't keep them in the shadow of their lies for ever.