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What Is The Restraining Order Blog About ?

This Blog is not Anti Law and Order.
It is not Anti Women either.
It is about the misuse of Restraining Orders, like the one obtained against me here in Hillsborough County Florida.

Speaking from my own personal experience, there is something very wrong with a Hillsborough County restraining order system that allows your ex to contact you, sleep with you, borrow money from you, work for you, go places with you, and then call the Police whenever they want.

In any normal relationship, when two people do not live together, there will be several phone calls made to each other, each day.
Unfortunately, if your ex has a restraining order against you, and she calls you, nothing will be done, to her.
But, every time you call, or leave a message, it is a separate violation of a Hillsborough County Florida restraining order!

Here in Hillsborough County  Florida, after the third violation of a restraining order, the charges can be upgrded to a Felony!
So, if your ex wife/girlfriend calls you, and you THINK you are having a relationship with her, and act accordingly by returning her phone calls, leaving messages, etc, etc, you can be in a lot of trouble!
This is what happened to me.
My ex girlfriend obviously was well coached by the Hillsborough County Victims Assistance Advocate !
She even went and filed a motion to drop the restraining order, to lure me into a false sense of security.
I saw the motion, and I Loved and Trusted her.
She told me "Honey, the Restraining Order is just a piece of paper, and no one will know you are  violating it"
She apologized to me for getting it, assured me she Loved me, wanted to continue seeing me, and promised not to call the Police on me, ever again!
In Love, I trusted her, and wound up in the Hillsborough County Jail, facing Prison Time, with a 200,000.00 Bond I was unable to make.
She set me up !

This is a short part of my story, and we here at the Restraining Order Blog would like to hear your story ?

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