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Tampa Restraining Orders and Tampa Domestic Violence Injunctions

Tampa Restraining Orders and Tampa Domestic Violence Injunctions

A typical day in Tampa Florida courts: A couple is at the end of their rope and starts to consider divorce. Both spouses begin to think about things they never bothered with before. How can I get the house to myself? How can I make sure I win custody of the children? After seeking advice from friends, lawyers, and Internet sources, they quickly realize how to score an early win: by filing a Tampa Domestic Violence Injunction, known by most people as a Tampa Restraining Order.

The next few steps happen quickly and can have a devastating affect on the intended target. In Tampa Florida it is fast and free to file a restraining order (domestic violence injunction). All it takes is a trip to the Tampa courthouse, completion of a quick and easy form, and one hour later a Tampa judge may decide to sign what is officially known as an order of protection against domestic violence in Tampa. Within 48 hours, a sheriff is dispatched to serve the Tampa restraining order on the respondent. At this point it is critical to look for a Tampa domestic violence attorney.

Right after the injunction paperwork is served a series of events begins to unfold. Most important: it now becomes a criminal offense in Tampa to approach, call, or communicate in any way with your spouse. If you are served with this order, you must immediately move out of the marital home. The emphasis is on the word "immediately." You have time to take your toothbrush, underwear, some clothing, and medications. Everything else you own is now in the forbidden zone, illegal to remove or touch until further word from a Tampa judge.

If you have children, chances are the Tampa restraining order grants temporary custody to the spouse that filed the petition. In this case, temporary custody means sole custody of the children. Until a Tampa judge decides the issue you won't have any contact with your children. You may be ordered to pay child support and/or alimony.

The effect of the Tampa Restraining Order can have a devastating effect on your entire life. If you communicate with your spouse, your children, or come too close to your house there is a chance the Tampa Police will arrest you and file criminal charges against you for violating the injunction. On top of this the state attorneys office in Tampa may decide to file criminal domestic violence charges against you. Within 2 weeks of the initial restraining order (domestic violence injunction), a Tampa judge will hold a hearing to decide whether the order is permanent or temporary.

After the events unfold, it will be time to consider the effect on your upcoming divorce. The black and white truth: a Tampa restraining order can eliminate your chances at ever gaining custody of your children. Alimony that is ordered within a Tampa injunction hearing may become an order within the divorce. If you end up with a criminal record in Tampa, it can severely alter your prospects no matter what is at issue in the divorce.

The moral of the story: a restraining order (Tampa domestic violence injunction) is not a do it yourself case in Tampa, Florida. Your rights to your children, your property, and your freedom may be changed for the rest of your life.
Once you get even a domestic violence arrest on your record in Tampa Florida you will be marked for the next 15 years as a beater of women.
And, if you violate the restraining order, you will go to jail!

Get the best legal help in Tampa to defend against the restraining order before it is made permanent that you can afford.
Your future will depend on it.

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  1. That sounds so terribly unfair but then life isn’t fair is it? Unfortunately, too many people take advantage of this loophole in the law. My brother is one of the latest. What hurts the most is that he has no access to his two little children. I know my brother is a loving father and would never harm his kids. In fact he dotes on them so to be denied access to them is heartbreaking for him. He has got a great lawyer who is fighting for him to at least be able to see his children and explain to them that none of what happened is their fault. Domestic Violence and Injunctions