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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

No law has been so misused to subvert the rights of any class of people since slavery. The minority radical feminists and their allies have wreaked havoc on families and children for the emotional and financial self-interests of women. Essentially this law is an illegal law becuase it takes away liberty and property without due process (as required under the 5th amendment). NO judges will not admit this becuase they think anything they say and do counts as "due process" but any rational, informed person must disagree. An ex=parte hearing with the accused present and being able to question the witness is clearly lack of due process according to the U.S. Supreme court .

A person seeking a restraining order from a court can tell a judge about fear of "abuse" in a vague manner, with no chance for the defendant to respond, with no presentation of evidence, and with no test to see if the claim is true. The court will almost always then issue an order - an order which costs the other family member the loss of everything that is important - children, home, possessions, guns, (and often a lot more) forever. Fathers who are accused of "causing fear" do not even have the protection of criminals accused of murder. We would never allow a criminal defendant to suffer such penalties without preserving all of his constitutional protections, yet we give a restraining order defendant almost no due process at all.

Until the restraining order is law is changed, thousands more outrageous cases like the ones set forth here will keep happening. Most allegations of abuse are false, and simply giving out orders on a whim must stop, and soon. The few legitimate cases of genuine abuse can handled with existing laws, and without suspending the Constitution. For each case of real abuse, many families are destroyed needlessly. The law must be amended so that only those who commit provable, genuine abuse are affected, and so that minor arguments in families, or divorce related revenge, can no longer result in a restraining order and its inevitable destruction.

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