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Restraining Orders 101

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Do you know about restraining orders?

1. Police will arrest you if called out. No proof is required, you will be arrested, that is their duty.
Proof is not required, due to the safety of the victim. In theory it would make sense, but in reality, women can have you arrested on purpose.

2. It’s almost impossible to get dual restraining orders.

The person who doesn’t have a restraining order can walk up to you, and you will goto jail for breaking a restraining order.

3. Federal Law removes your right to own weapons.

The police will confiscate all firearms. Police often will not give you the weapons back, selling them for profit.

4. If you are on probation, just being charged for breaking a no-contact will break probation.

Straight to jail, do not pass go.

5. If charges are dropped, is the restraining order?

No. The state classifies the person as a victim, the state has to drop the charges, most often they will not.

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  1. My neighbors filed a TRO and want a PRO, falsely accusing me of harassing them and vandalizing their property. They do the exact same things they based their R.O. on me for. What can I do to clear my name?