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How to Fight a Final Restraining Order Violation

More information on fighting a Final Restraining Order.
Our advice ?
Hire an Attorney NOW, don't wait.
Once she has a final restraining order against you, you can be subjected to arrest and even imprisonment on basically her word alone!
Prisons and Jails are full of people who's ex wife/girlfriend lied to the Police to have them put away.
She may even have met a new Man in her life, and a Final Restraining Order makes it all too easy to "get rid of you".
While you sit in Jail or possibly even Prison, her and Mr. New live in your house.
It is far cheaper, to stop a final restraining order, that it is to defend against violating it, once it is in Place.

Restraining Order Violation Cases can be quite complex and time consuming, thus expensive.
Some Criminal Defense Attorneys are quite busy, so be sure the attorney you hire will give your restraining order violation case the attention it merits.

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