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From Our Friends At Dont Make Her Mad

Hell hath no fury like a false allegation The legal system is hostile to men. In domestic abuse cases, any false allegation a woman makes is likely to ruin a man's life. "Must arrest" laws require police to make an arrest, regardless of the officer's judgment. "Primary aggressor" laws pre-dispose police toward arresting men rather than women, regardless of the truth of an event. "No drop prosecution" policies pressure prosecutors to pursue a criminal conviction, even when they would otherwise drop charges. America's Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) effectively denies the existence of abuse against men, and provides hundreds of millions of dollars in support only to women who claim to be victims of abuse .

Clearly, the cards are stacked against men. Both the legal system and popular culture spread the unfair bigotry that men are predisposed to violence, while denying the violence done by women (see research). In this charged environment, a falsely accused man is likely to become forever entangled in a web of lies and distortions, in which he is the prey.

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