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News: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Announces His Retirement

Bob Malm, the Episcopal priest who lied under oath in his efforts to obtain a protective order against former parishioner Eric Bonetti, has announced his retirement. The news comes as the church faces ongoing financial and other challenges resulting from Malm’s misconduct.

As part of Malm’s effort, he and attorney Jeffery Chiow, a shareholder in the law firm of Rogers, Joseph, O’Donnell, attempted to subpoena Bonetti’s terminally ill mother, Sigrid Yahner, in violation of relevant local law. Additionally, Chiow and Malm submitted numerous inaccurate statements to the courts, calling Bonetti a “domestic terrorist,” and referencing a fictional church shooting in the nonexistent town of “Sugarland Texas.” They also falsely informed the court that Bonetti had not previously served as a police officer, and that he has not been admitted to practice law.

Subsequently, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia refused to address Malm’s perjury, on the grounds that he had not been convicted of the crime of perjury. Thus, it would seem that all criminal behavior is okay for Episcopal clergy, as long as a criminal conviction doesn’t result.

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Restraining Order Advice needed by Mom

My son and his X were divorced in Jan. of 2018. Included in the divorce dec
ree was an order for his X wife and him to continue to remain under the same roof and his X wife who was in real estate at the time was given permission to act as the agent to sell their home and split the proceeds. She also was to pay half the house payment for which she has not paid one dime. She is no longer in real estate and refuses to pay for or sell the housr.  She had her dad and brother staying in the home as visitors with residences in Michigan. The X,  the brother, and her father created a scenario which was played out as this: My son  arrived home from work and could not get in the house as the locks were changd. The father in law was across the street and came over to my son. My son told him to open  the door and the father in law punched  my son in the face causing them both to fall. My son had his hands full and the video on his phone was turned on. The brother came out and started stomping on my son's head and both the brother and father in law attempted to get the phone from my son's hands causing multiple contusions to his fingers. The father in law had a bruised cheek related to falling from the force of his punch. The police were called and by then my daughter had showed up per my son's phone call. The father in law lied e ground and when the police arrived he claimed he didn't remember anything as he was in Vietnam and has metal in his head. The brother just claimed to be a witness. Both my son and the father in law were arrested and taken to jail. My son was charged with a felony for hitting a senior citizen. Eventually all charges were dropped on both of them. So my son started sleeping at my house as he did not want anymore set ups especially with his 7 year old son in the house. In the mean time the father in law filed for a restraining order against my son with a list of lies including lying to the judge twice about his place of residence stating that he lived at my son's house. The judge never asked for proof of address as in a driver's license of anything. His license states his residence in Michigan. He also lied and claimed my son leaves bloody tissues in the shower from shooting up drugs between his toes. I know he leaves bandaids in the shower, but they are from warts he has on his fingers that he had been trying to remove with medication. He also claimed my son entered his own home 4 days in a row with his work truck yelling, throwing things and opening drawers.. Not true. So the restraining order was ordered by the judge regardless of him  having an attorney who was to busy texting on his phone during proceedings. It was issued for a year. So here my son is, not allowed to go to his own home for a year yet continues to pay the $1800.00 a month mortgage.  My son tends to let his X get away with so much evil because he doesn't want his son to witness the fighting. The father has since went back to Michigan and we are working on  getting the order dissolved. Last month his X was driving drunk with her minor child in the car for which she was pulled over and charged with DUO with a minor in the car. Wow! She had been withholding visitation to Eric and ignoring his calls and text. This is a another whole story in itself. Parental alienation at it's worse. Eric is not following through on anything and gets upset if I try to tell him something. I am sorry for making this so long, but your we  page really opened my eyes. Can you make any suggestions as what direction he needs to go in regard to this.  I really appreciate it as a mom who's heart is breaking watching this all unfold. Thank you very much.


Check it Out: Perjury’s Okay for Episcopal Clergy as Long as They’re Not Convicted

Recently, I again contacted the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia about Episcopal priest Bob Malm’s lies under oath. Among other things, he falsely stated under oath that my mother, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly. This simply didn’t happen, and it should be an easy matter to pull emails or phone records to confirm that my mother, dying of COPD and very frail, never contacted Bob. Nor did anyone contact Bob claiming to be mom. It simply didn’t happen.

But rather than investigate, the diocese says it won’t touch the matter absent a criminal conviction. Guess that extends to rape, child abuse, robbery, embezzlement and murder. It’s all okay as long as there’s no conviction.

And for the record, nothing in church canons requires complainants to maintain confidentiality. But the diocese did violate church canons requiring that it withhold my identity to the respondent.

My takeaway: The Episcopal Church is seriously screwed up.


Episcopal Bishops of Virginia Refuse to Address Bob Malm’s Perjury

Some time ago, I emailed both Bishop Susan Goff and Bishop Shannon Johnston of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia about Episcopal priest Bob Malm’s false statements of fact to the courts. Neither bothered to respond. Bob Malm remains rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA and, to my knowledge, has not been held accountable in any way for his fabrications.

In addition, I have informed the bishops repeatedly of Bob Malm’s written perjury in his response to my interrogatories, in which he lied, claiming that my mother, dying of COPD, contacted him repeatedly. She did not.

Needless to say, the bishops have done nothing about this incident of perjury, either.

All I can say is if you’re looking for integrity, you won’t find it in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, nor in the Episcopal Church generally.

Here is a copy of my email.

Bob Malm Perjuring Priest


Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality DIsorder

I found your blog last July after my (now ex) girlfriend set up a scenario where she attempted to make me look abusive in public…and then had a guy there to run down and threaten to shoot me if I went near her. We had started to go kayaking that day. I love kayaking, but knew better than to get stuck on the water for a whole day with her—especially if she was in a bad mood. 

She had owned this kayak for about a year and I blew off her attempts to get me to go until last June. She had gone on this particular route with her roommate two weekends before and either enjoyed it. Or more likely, had scouted the area out to either have the crap beat out of me….or killed. She is Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality DIsorder co-morbidly. I know this because when we first got together she told me in confidence that her ex-husband had it. I realized later thatall the bad traits she projected on to him, were really things she hated about herself. 

We headed downriver and made it about 1000 yards, when I suggested that I call strokes so we didn’t paddle against each other. She replied, “that’s the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.” And right then,I knew that this day was going to be mierable. So I told her I was it was over, that I loved kayaking but hated her and would no longer tolerate her abuse. 

I paddled both of us back to the boat ramp where she proceeded to pull my life jacket and knock me off balance and onto her Then she screamed, “Go ahead! Do it! I date you!!!” I laguhed at her theatrics and replied “Do what” and then walked away to begin putting the kayak up on the shore. She drove that day, so after insulting me, berating me and throwing every possible invective at me she could muster up to no avail….she gave up on her plan and went to get the car. 

It was here that she either saw a man in the parking lot who had not seen what happened and told him I was abusing her…or he was a friend and already knew what he was supposed to do. 15 minutes after she had pulled me on top of her, he came running down swearing at me and telling me he would kill me. He said he was a police officer. I laughed at that suggestion because he looked like a dirty, sketchy meth addict. I grabbed an or and put the sharp end to his neck and held him back. She said nothing to stop the insanity or dissuade him from trying to hurt me. Instead she continued insulting me and trying to provoke me into doing something stupid.

They were unsuccessful and I had begun rolling video on my iPhone to document the situation (thank god). I have never been inclined to abuse my girlfriends ….ever. I was pissed. But not so pissed to realize that I was being set up. After the scene in the water,, I had the presence of mind to start recording video. Unfortunately,I had just turned it off when the guy came running at me and had to pick up a boat oar to fend him off. 

My ex-girlfriend ended up looked kinda stupid. And being NPD/BPD, looking like an idiot is something she cannot let go of. So she began to punish me. Of course I didn’t realize this was happening until I called her because my Social Security NUmber had been used fraudulently, strangely in 5 or so cities that she happened to have lived in in the past. I threatened to call the police in a voice mail. And not surprisingly, thenext day the sherriff of her county called me and told me she had filed for a restraining order.

The judge dismissed it. Burt not before I realized that my lawyer was doing her best to throw the proceeding in my ex’s fabor. The town that the ex lives in is small. The lawyer livers there so I had reservations and asked my lawyer if she knew my ex. She was greatly offended and informed me that would be a conflict of interest. Turns out my lawyer was the friend of my ex that I had never met in person. 

She promised that she would try to dissuade my ex from taking it to court, but kept asking for all my evidence that would smear my ex to use as ammunition. It never happened. I sent her a few things but nothing that would prove that my ex was an amateur porn “star” or a prostitute or a meth addict. I didn’t feel those things were appropriate and I also didn’t want my ex to know all of the dirt I had found by running a background check. 

My lawyer tried to torpedo me in court. But she failed and the case was dismissed. I left the courthouse after she made sure I was out the door so she could talk to my ex and her new boyfriend. I called the bar association in a nearby parking lot and then returned to get some things I had left in the building. I thought they would be gone, but as I pulled into the parking lot, she was in her van and her new boyfriend was walking to his car. I turned around and pulled up to her minivan and told her to enjoy my retainer and that she wasn’t worth a penny of the money. 

Now I’ve been given a restraining order and face a new case which has switched form civil to criminal court. No proof has been offered to date as to either the email or the voicemail they are using as evidence. Only her word. And even with those two pieces of evidence, I have not made a single threat to harm her. I only threatened to call the poiice about a crime she had commited with my social security card. I had to take an unplanned leave of absence from work and get some help with my anxiety. She has done her best to drive a wedge between me and my family….and she directed another friend of hers with Borderline Personality Disorder to get in a relationship with my best friend and to keep him from spending any time with me. I think the goal is to isolate me and smear my name so I will lose and be discredited before I can get the FBI and local police to investigate her crimes. So far it is working. 

My ex has used hundreds of aliases. Not sure which she used in your area. She has lived all over california, Florida, New York, Nebraska, Kansas and Las Vegas. I even found evidence she has  taken her shit-show as far as Sydney, Austraila. Supposedly she was sexually abused by nearly every man that she ever so much as looked at. Namely…her stepdad supposedly mollested her for years. Recently i believe that I have discovered that she ended up marrying him (or at least lived with and had kids with him.)  

Sorry to dump all this on you. You have dealt with enough. But I had to check this box before I went to trial in hopes of a hail Mary. We’ll see what happens.


More News from Grace Episcopal Alexandria and Lying Priest Bob Malm

In motions court today, the Circuit Court judge granted my request for dismissal. In addition, the Court allowed Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow to brief the court on possible attorney fees related to a family email account hosted in Canada pertaining to emails from 2015, which Jeff asserts were actually mine. The Court said it would entertain the plaintiff’s brief, despite the multiple lies Bob Malm and Jeff Chiow told the court, including that:
  1. I was never admitted to practice law.
  2. I never served as a police officer.
  3. That I have, to use Jeff’s words, repeatedly “threatened and terrorized” Bob by blogging about him.
Of course, in the meantime Jeff and Bob continue their efforts to deceive the court by taking statements out of context and refusing to specify how they were threatened, even after the court ordered them to do so.

Additionally, Bob Malm’s discovery responses include multiple falsehoods, including the claim that only Leslie Malm has blogged about the issue.

It also should be noted that Jeff has provided his legal services on a pro bono basis.

Apropos Bob’s claim that he was threatened, below is a copy of his proposed settlement, which I rejected.


Update 4: Episcopal Priest Bob Malm Refers to Me and Mom as “Domestic Terrorists”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any uglier and less Christian, along comes Episcopal priest Bob Malm via his attorney, telling the court that mom and I are “domestic terrorists.”

See for yourself:
Perjuring priest Bob Malm refers to me and mom as “domestic terrorists”

Meanwhile, Jeff Chiow continues to claim that this is a case of “domestic terrorism,” in his court filings, even while he sends forward settlement proposals.

If nothing else, a really stupid approach. If one concludes that Jeff is lying, then folks are likely to avoid the church for that very reason. If, on the other hand, one concludes that Jeff is telling the truth, then one is likely to avoid the church for that reason. Either way, not good. And the fact that the police have not gotten involved speaks compellingly to Jeff’s claims of “domestic terrorism.”