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Fighting A False Restraining Order !

Great tips on Fighting A False Restraining Order  from our friends at
Fighting A False Restraining Order

Here is how to start Fighting A False Restraining Order


  1. Yes, I have a friend that his children's mother filed a restraining order on him. The children have lived with him for the pass 5 years. They go to visit the mother and this is what she does. He can not have any contact with his children.The information you use to get the order is false. All his documentation shows him as the primary care giver. What should he do?

  2. I am heading from Louisiana to California to fight a false DV restraining order.

    1. Good luck......and get a lawer, no matter the cost. My husband made the mistake of not getting one because a lawer said he did not need one. Well now he has one for life and cant have guns. We have it on appeal and it has cost us now more than 1000.00 dollars and we are still doing it ourself, because it really gets expensive on appeal.

  3. My husband has a restraining order on him for life and can have no guns and he did not do anything to our neighbor. He has an appeal in now and waiting. I want to know if there is any group or lawer who will help us fight the laws that allow this to happen. The judge was a complete incompetent. My husband has never even been arrested or accused of any crime and the neighbor has a history of mental illness, and a crimal history. I want to find a support group, its been devastating to both of us, and has cost us so much. We are the working poor and can not afford a lawer. I would appreciate any help.